Thursday, October 28, 2010

Xiu Xiu/Former Ghosts: 3 more reasons to attend

In my hastiness yesterday (, I neglected to add some things of importance. Namely:

Cixous Ghost will also be playing. The blurb:

"A one-woman barrage of sound, a beat séance from the edge of the etheric, not so much beyond the veil as pushing through it with glove-fingered hands - Cixous Ghost's music is music that goes dum-ba-dum-bump in the night, screeches in the early hours of the morning and hums its way through the afternoon. Muscular and driven, a fragile beauty floats above the fray, translucent and wavering, as broken toys and lost souls writhe in a dance best described as 'otherworldly' or 'obscene' or 'oh..?'. A veteran of the femino-anarcho-punko-queero-pop-rock and everything in betweeno-scene, Emily Aoibheann (Party Weirdo, Janey Mac, Holy Ghost Toast, Avanti Maria!) takes a canny ear for a catchy beat and combines it with an unvarnished and unashamed blissful weirdness to produce a solo project that spits in the eye of phallagocentric rock and offers a vigorous back rub with its cold, clammy fingers."


Xiu Xiu/Former Ghosts/Cixous Ghost play the Grand Social Friday night.

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