Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thread Pulls - New Thoughts

As a child of the blogosphere (yes, slap me very hard in the face), it's always exciting to see a domestic band getting some attention from the more prestigious American-based blogs. Visitation Rites ( and 20jazzfunkgreats ( are two blogs who contribute to Altered Zones, Pitchfork's underground-focused sister site, and this makes them very influential indeed. Anyways, they've been getting behind Thread Pulls, the experimental Dublin duo who've just released their debut LP New Thoughts.

From Visitation Rites:

"Thread Pulls’ stripped-down, tightly-wound spin on post-punk is just as much a case for “feminine openness” as The Skaters or Oneohtrix, but it approaches this ideal from the opposite end of noise rock — purging where hpop oversaturates, refining and clarifying where hpop blurs. On their MySpace, Gavin Duffy and Peter Maybury confide in us that they are “only nearly a rock band, stripped back to a core of drums and bass”– though vocals, trumpet, and synths discover room in the equation as well. Little things start meaning a lot, the associations start flowing like crazy. A snappy note change in the bassline brings back James Chance and the funk he himself was bringing back (“Sink and Swim”); a twitch in the synth sounds vaguely arabesque, while also reminding us that ’60s psych was capable of swallowing anything (“Weight”)."

New Thoughts is certainly an excellent record, its pounding percussion and sinister basslines creating hypnotic patterns. Their aesthetic and approach shares much with other widely-acclaimed acts such as Liars, Gang Gang Dance or These New Puritans, and that's the kind of company most left-of-centre acts would only be too delighted to keep. Sample tracks from New Thoughts here:

How to talk by thread pulls

Sink and swim by thread pulls

Weight by thread pulls

Video by

New Thoughts is out now on Osaka Recordings.

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