Thursday, October 21, 2010

ATP 'In Between Days' Mixtape

This mixtape is off the chain. 'In Between Days' is a sort of mini-ATP sandwiched inbetween the two main events - namely, ATP curated by Godspeed You! Black Emperor and ATP curated by Belle & Sebastian. It takes place Dec 6th-9th and features acts like Caribou, Four Tet and Wooden Shjips. Details:

Curators Amos have put together this freely downloadable mixtape. As a result, I think I've fallen in love with Factory Floor at first, eh, listen.

ATP In Between Days curated by AMOS mixtape by All Tomorrows Parties

Track list:

00:00 Super - Neu!
03:03 Escape - Moon Duo
09:19 A Wooden Box - Factory Floor
15:38 Angel Echoes (Caribou remix) - Four Tet
23:00 Machines and Muscles - Cave
27:33 Dead - White Hills
32:21 We Ask You To Ride - Wooden Shjips
37:04 Goodbye - Ulrich Schnauss
43:21 The Bouncing Wall - Autolux
46:53 It's Choade My Dear - Connan Mockasin
50:50 Omnivore - Nachtmystium
55:24 Sun - Caribou
1:04:20 Love Cry - Four Tet
1:08:24 Silva & Grimes - Holy Fuck
1:13:26 Candy Shoppe - Emeralds
1:18:00 El Mundo Frio (excerpt) - Corrupted

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