Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 Best-Of Mix

A mix of some of my favourite homegrown/domestic music from the past year - to be honest this could have stretched on for another two hours, but it's good to have some sense of brevity. This covers a range of styles from grime to trad to experimental soundscapes to Crazy-Horse guitar crackle. Oh, and a fresh-faced newcomer called My Bloody Valentine. 


Diamond Dagger & Meljoann - What’s Your Friend’s Name

Major Grave - Looking Forward            from Looking Forward EP  (Sulk)

The Cyclist - Mangel           from Bones In Motion   (Stones Throw/Leaving)

Drunken Boat - Wake Up        from Let Go, Be Still      

My Bloody Valentine - In Another Way          from MBV    (Self-released)

Twomilliondays - Conductor

Burrows - In Winter (Harmonium Version)     from “I’m In The Abyss!”   (Abandon Reason)

The Last Sound - Sun Forever         from Rainbow Xplode  (Osaka)

Toyc - Keyframe (Bloom remix)          from ‘Ruffer/Keyframe’ 12” (Crazylegs)

Shriekin Specialist - Important     from Assorted Gs, Vol. 1   (Little League Records)

Brigid Power Ryce - Tiny You and Me           from  “I’m In The Abyss!”   (Abandon Reason)

Ensemble Ériu - 3 College Square       from Ensemble Ériu   (Raelach Records)

This Is How We Fly - Big Pat’s ::: Dan Breen’s      from This Is How We Fly  
ZoiD - D-Blop         from Troonax EP (Alkalinear Recordings)

Ruairi O Baoighill - Walpurgis Part II       from Walpurgis

Woven Skull - Plentyful Pickings         from For Esme, in Love and Squalor   

Mynameisjohn/Graeme S - Struggle        from The Struggle EP

Sammy Dozens - Ready For War            from Lucid Dreams  

Saga - Bone

I Am The Cosmos - Esque (feat. Daniel McAuley)           from Monochrome (Elastic Witch)

Somadrone - Born & Bred               from The First Wave   (Bodytonic)

Colm K - The Attic       from The Love EP   (Bastard Jazz Recordings)

Eomac - No Name      from Spoock   (Killekill Records)

Lumigraph - Dorsia       from Nautically Inclined   (Opal Tapes)

Bicep - The Game       from Stash EP    (Aus Music)

Yawning Chasm - Peripheral Eyes           from Yawning Chasm

Divil A’ Bit - In Deference To The Squeamish I  

Raising Holy Sparks - Sacred Harp 282 (I’m Going Home)     from Era of Manifestations   (Feathered Coyote)

Darugaries - Boku no Kioku           from “I’m In The Abyss!”   (Abandon Reason)

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