Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Feather Beds - 'Walter'

Three tracks have surfaced so far from Dublin-based Feather Beds, and if they're anything to go by then his debut album The Skeletal System (due September 2nd) will be worth checking out.

All mid-tempo haze and gently layered atmospherics, 'Walter' boasts an understated vocal that seems to blend seamlessly with the surrounding hum and buzz. Halfway through, the warm glow gives way to a stuttering, percussion-heavy section that fades in and out of focus, lending a further air of elusiveness to the track. It's that persistent, shimmering low-key drone that stays with you and charms you throughout, though; a mirage glimpsed through disorientating fog.
There's also a video for the track, made by Greg Corcoran.

Previous tracks 'On Your Deathbed' and 'Airbrushed' are also (also) available to download from the Feather Beds Bandcamp.