Wednesday, October 20, 2010


VisionAir is the new project of Richie Egan (aka Jape) and Niall Byrne, both of the dazzling post-rock collective The Redneck Manifesto. Just earlier today Egan posted a free download of their Autumn EP. The download link is here: but you can also listen via Soundcloud:

01 TROLLS HAT by VisionAir

This is very much in a different ball-park to the Rednecks, as it's a low-key, synth-led, but still very rhythmic sound.

Full Soundcloud set:

VisionAir wil be playing a free show with the very excellent and very loud Logikparty this Saturday night, it's a U:Mack affair and it's free in to The Button Factory all night long, with U:Mack DJ's taking over after the bands' sets.

Logikparty recently released their High Risk Narcissist EP, which is well worth investigation:

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