Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wavves - King Of The Beach now streaming

Lo-fi surf-pop slacker Nathan Williams was subject to a music press backlash last year that was hilarious in its hypocrisy and high-mindedness (Pitchfork being the worst culprits). Basically, the guy took some substances before a show at Barcelona's Primavera festival, lost the plot and got bottled/booed off. Since such a thing was completely unprecedented in the history of rock music, Williams had to be punished, and all the acclaim that came his way up 'til then was immediately dismissed.

Well, not by sensible people. He's joined by the late Jay Reatard's backing band for what's already being painted as his 'redemption album' (dear God) by the same eejits who turned on him last year. It's called King of the Beach and the album is now streaming here: 'Post Acid' is also available as a free download.

Wavves- "Post-Acid" by Marco Collins

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