Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Richter Collective podcast

The Richter Collective will be curating the Crean's Marquee Stage at Le Cheile Festival in Oldcastle, Co. Meath during the August Bank Holiday weekend on Saturday July 31st. Performing on the day will be BATS, Not Squares, Jogging, Enemies, Hands Up Who Wants to Die and The Continuous Battle of Order, with special guest appearances from Grey Mayhem and Boutros Bubba. A great line-up, and tickets are available now for just 12 euro. Find info on the festival here:

As a preview, the Richter Collective have made a new podcast available:

Richter Podcast #04 by richtercollective


Worrier – Get Yourself In… Lazy Ghosts
BATS – These Ones Lay Eggs
Hands Up Who Wants To Die - Fish And Rashers
Hands Up Who Wants To Die – Nothing Added But Boom
Grey Mayhem – Menace Anyone?
Marvins Revolt – Siberia
*Interview w/Barry Lennon from HUWWTD
The Continous Battle of Order – 001
BATS – Credulous! Credulous!
BATS – Vermithrax Pejorative
Jogging – Cleft Chin, Good Heart
Not Squares – Back To Berlin
Not Squares – Bi Kan Na
Not Squares – Asylum
The Vinny Club – Dan Arkanoid
Adebisi Shank – Dodr
Enemies – Gabbi Gabby
Grey Mayhem – Juno

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