Friday, July 30, 2010

Logikparty EP on the way

(Photo by Naomi McArdle)

Good tidings ahoy. Logikparty, one of the most exciting bands on the domestic scene at the moment (which is saying something) will be releasing a 7-track EP on September 11. It's the follow-up to the excellent Good Hood/Iodine 7" released earlier this year. Dealing in atonal, no-wave influenced sonic assaults, the band will be supporting Liars in Whelan's next month, and recently collaborated with renowned artist Martha Colburn at the Belfast Trans Festival.

High Risk Narcissist will be released on their own label, White Plaque Records, as a limited edition 10" vinyl along with a download code. Launch details to come.

<a href="">Good Hood by Logikparty</a>

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