Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maria Minerva - 'Ruff Trade'

"When you can deconstruct the music of others so easily-- and your own-- then it's kinda hard to make it at the same time. But this sounds annoying only in theory; in practice, it's something you can actually forget about. Because the best thing about music is that it's beyond words. It's on the level of sensations, and it's very easy to forget everything I've learned when I'm listening to or making music. That's why I love it so much."
- Maria Minerva, interview with Altered Zones

Cabaret Cixous is the latest excellent release from Estonian-born, London-based Maria Minerva, following her Tallinn At Dawn cassette and 'Noble Savage' 12". Released on Amanda Brown(of Pocahaunted/LA Vampires)'s Not Not Fun label, she fits right in with its prevailing aesthetic: this is smudgy, reverbed, hypnotic not-quite-dance music with a skewed h-pop sensibility. 'Ruff Trade'is the superb closing track; other standouts include 'These Days' and 'Pirate's Tale'.

She also contributed a mix to FACT.

Some older tunes:

Maria Minerva - Disko Bliss by

Maria Minerva - Hop Hop Gone In Spring by

In general, there really is an amazing amount of great music coming from both Not Not Fun and its sub-label 100% Silk.

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