Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tenaka - EPhemeral EP ; Datadrip/Bantum

Tenaka's 2009 EPonymously Titled EP was a moody, low-key and very impressive release. His new material sees him take his sound in another direction. The EPhemeral EP mixes new tracks with reworked older tracks, and sees him collaborate with a number of other Irish musicians. The overall sound is airy, dreamy and evocative. 'Home' features two of Galway's brightest talents in Daithi and Elaine Mai - the former providing unobtrusive but atmospheric violin plucks, the latter's vocals as beguiling as ever; while the arrangement swells and unfurls. 'Open Out' is a brooding, darkly pulsing re-work of a song from his his first EP, this time featuring input from Carlow duo Holy Roman Army.

'Universe i' is a highlight, with Sorcha Brennan of Sleep Thieves proving her vocals are as adaptable to a dark, melancholic backdrop as they are to the bouncy synth-pop of her own band. Meanwhile, the distinctive vocal tones of Sacred Animals can be heard on 'The Alaskan', which is also a re-jigged tune from the prior EP. EPhemeral is rounded off with Tenaka's remix of Daithi's 'The Dog', which takes the original's distinctive nu-trad sound and lends it a dose of low-end groove. The EP is available to download (name your price) from Bandcamp.

EPhemeral EP by Tenaka

A short film has also been made for the two tracks ('Throw Sevens' and 'The Alaskan') that together make up the lead single from the EP ('Ephemeral'). It's created by Musea Murison and directed by Cormac O Conaire.

'Ephemeral' created by Musea Murison and directed by Cormac O Conaire from Tenaka on Vimeo.

Tonight (Friday 16th) Tenaka plays Shebeen Chic along with Datadrip and Bantum. It's the launch night for Datadrip's Collision EP, a promising release that combines pulsing electronics and noisy squall that at certain moments puts you in mind of the likes of Fuck Buttons. The standout track is the short-but-very-sweet 'Wild Neon'. The EP - along with earlier EP Works - is available for free download from Bandcamp.

Wild Neon by datadrip

Bantum, meanwhile, has three EPs available for free download from his Bandcamp, the latest of which is this year's Slide EP, which features the throbbing, irresistible electro groove of the title track as well as two other busy, colourful creations.

Slide by BANTUM

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