Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello Moon - Only Count The Sunny Hours

from AU:

Hello Moon - Only Count The Sunny Hours (Any Other City)

'One of the highlights of the second compilation from Dublin indie-pop collective Popical Island was from a relative newcomer: ‘Barefoot’, a charmingly off-kilter contribution from Dublin four-piece Hello Moon. Their debut album is very much in the same vein, wearing its love of melodic, chiming pop songs on its scuffed sleeve. Only Count The Sunny Hours shifts between sweeping lo-fi sugar rushes (‘Vanity’, ‘Here I Am’) and dreamily hypnotic numbers (‘Measure Of Me’, ‘Sievehead’). Even when the irresistible boy/girl vocals are taken out of the mix, they make it work (on the jangly, jaunty instrumental ‘The Calculus Affair’). And just when you think the well of melodies might be running dry, along comes the wondrous, swooning closing track ‘Awkward Hugs’.' (8/10)

Sievehead by Hello Moon

Awkward Hugs by Hello Moon

Hello Moon play the upcoming Hard Working Class Heroes festival in Dublin.

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