Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DeclanQKelly - Yzz EP

"Recorded with a cracked guitar one evening in September 2011", the Yzz EP is a minimal, quietly entrancing collection of short instrumental pieces. The guitar tone creates a warm ambience, with the Galway-based musician picking out subtle, hypnotic melodies on tracks like 'Chickpeas' and 'Phalanx Glove'. The excellent 'Krakatoan Rebuttal' is reminiscent of the likes of Julian Lynch, while 'Eat-Them Hawk' adds electronic textures to the mix.

Yzz EP by DeclanQKelly

It's available as a name-your-price download from his Bandcamp, with some nice artwork included as part of the package.

DeclanQKelly recently took part in Ed Devane's Stop/Run night in Galway, and talks about it here:

"By the second or third day I had completely dispelled any notions of using anything other than what I could find in the pharmacy or what sound I could coax from the instrument. Thuswise began the laborious (word of the day today) but enjoyable process of exploring the pharmacy and recording the sound of various objects found therein such as: a foot spa; several 20p coins; extractor fans; taps; fridge shelves; phone tones; door creaks and so on. Also there are several snippets of Ed assembling and testing the instrument, as well as some of my fellow participants jamming on the yoke. Eventually I ended up with a 15-minute track that I then played back at the show through the zither's speakers while playing some semi-rehearsed music on the zither-machine's strings. To my absolute unending glee, I found a cassette tape in a drawer entitled "Lipotrim - Refeeding and Maintenance" which I played over everything and which added some nice, comical (hopefully...) moments to the whole yoke."

DeclanQKelly by Stop/Run

Here's a video of Bitwise + Madek's contribution on the night:

Stop/Run:Galway - Bitwise + Madek from Ed Devane on Vimeo.

Sticking with DeclanQKelly: it's also worth checking out The Elephant Vanishes, his collaboration with Aaron Coyne, aka Yawning Chasm :

Untitled by The Elephant Vanishes

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