Monday, August 22, 2011

Bitwise Operator remix Hands Up Who Wants To Die ; Stop/Run Galway

Incendiary Dublin-based band Hands Up Who Wants To Die have previously been remixed by the likes of Legion Of Two and Melodica Deathship; now it's the turn of Bitwise Operator, aka Galway's Simon Kenny, who also makes music as part of Bitwise + Madek.
He's re-interpreted 'Nothing Added But Boom' ( a track from their split single with I'll Eat Your Face) with his own unique, warped sound.

Hands Up Who Wants To Die - Nothing Added But Boom (Bitwise Operator) Remix by Richter Collective

Bitwise Operator's excellent Samurai Hack album is still available for free download from Bandcamp. (As the title indicates it's partly inspired by the Samurai Jack cartoon). Chiptune-influenced music tends to be very hit-and-miss a lot of the time, but this is easily one of the best records I've heard that operates within that general sphere, as infectious 8-bit grooves mix with hip-hop influences and abrasive electronic textures. Highly recommended.

Bitwise Operator, as part of Bitwise + Madek, will be one of the musicians taking part in the Stop/Run performance in Galway this Friday (August 26th). Stop/Run is a project conceived by Ed Devane, and consists of an ensemble of experimental, electroacoustic musical instruments. The musicians will use the instruments - designed by Devane himself - to create their own unique pieces. Other musicians involved include Tony Higgins, DeclanQKelly and Jimmy Penguin : "Whereas the first concert drew from musicians from the musical fields of improv, experimental and contemporary composition, Stop/Run:Galway will have an altogether different flavour. A diverse selection of acts were chosen, and yet for their differences they have one thing in common: all are from Galway, and their music reflects this. From the tight-knit hip-hop and electronica communities to the ancient Sean Nós tradition, Stop/Run:Galway promises to bring together musicians and audiences who might not otherwise find themselves in the same place at the same time." Further details here.

Stop/Run takes place at 33 Dominick Street from 8-10pm, admission 5 euro: the good news is that the Laura Sheeran/Katie Kim double-bill that takes place in Roisin Dubh the same night doesn't start until ten, so there's room for both - it promises to be a great night of music overall

Speaking of DeclanQKelly, he's just uploaded this track to his Soundcloud, check it out:

Borborygmi by DeclanQKelly

And speaking of Ed Devane, i reviewed his Room Full Of Empty People EP for State earlier in the year. I liked it.

Squib by Ed Devane

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