Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Junior85 - aka Tony Higgins - is a Galway-based musician and composer who has also played drums for acts such as Laura Sheeran, Meljoann, So Cow and Damo Suzuki. There's loads of his music available for free download at, but a good place to start is with this set that he uploaded to Soundcloud recently:

junior85 by junior85

'Glock 7:"emit time"' is a hypnotic, dizzying piece of experimentation taken from the 'interactive songwriting' GlockEPspiel EP, 'For Reason, Forgotten' is an atmospheric track that swells subtly, while the gripping, layered 'Stance Gives You Power' is taken from his golf-inspired collaboration with fellow Galway musician DeclanQKelly; Hogan Grip.

Probably my favourite though is 'An Ex and Well, Well', an intricate though catchy track with a mesmeric central loop. There's an interesting interview with him on Sweet Oblivion, which was part of a wider focus on the Galway music scene.

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