Tuesday, July 19, 2011

new Letter From Belgium EP

A new EP from Letter From Belgium aka Alan Healy, who also plays with Hooray For Humans and The Bridges Of Madison County. At 31 minutes it's pretty much album-length, but it holds your attention throughout. Really good stuff: opening track 'Best Left' is electronic in structure but has a mellow folky vibe, while 'Still Close' is similarly dreamy and weightless - it's the first LFB track to feature vocals (Jen from Hooray For Humans). 'By Now, I Can Barely Remember The Sound Of Your Voice' and 'Travis & Hunter' are more mournful in tone, with a quietly hypnotic late-night ambience, although the latter gives way to a more up-tempo post-rock-type section. Overall this is engaging, atmospheric stuff.

LFB003 by Letter From Belgium

There's a link to download the EP here:

The cover artwork is by Aoife from Sweet Oblivion.

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