Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eels - Looking Up

The new eels album, Tomorrow Morning, will be released on August 24th. It's the third part of a rapid-fire trilogy that includes last year's Hombre Lobo and this year's End Times. If we're brutally honest, both those albums were fairly average and at times ('Little Bird' springs to mind) abysmal. Tomorrow Morning sounds interesting though. According to the official eels website:

TOMORROW MORNING is a new musical landscape: electronic keyboards, drum machines, tape loops and found sounds. "It's a very electronic album -- sounds normally associated with a kind of 'colder' music," says Everett, "but I wanted to make a warm album that was a celebration using electronic instruments to reflect joy in the times I live in."

Talk of the album being thematically about "A new beginning and another chance. The blooming of all new possibilities. The hope that was always there coming to fruition." is all very reminiscent of Daisies of the Galaxy, still my favourite eels album, but from the musical description this almost sounds Beautiful Freak-esque, which could be a great thing: in E's more bland moments I've often wished he'd be a bit more playful and rediscover his inner child, as it were. 'Looking Up' is available as a free sample of the album, in exchange for your e-mail address.

Staying on the subject of E, he was mistaken for a terrorist recently in London - according to,

E from Eels was questioned by police in London's Hyde Park after they mistook him for a suspected terrorist. The singer, real name Mark Oliver Everett was taking a break from a day of interviews when police approached him thinking he fitted the description of a suspicious person they were looking for. After being let go once they realised he was innocent, the frontman said: "Not every guy with short hair and a long beard is a terrorist. Some of us just want to rock."

Indeed. Just as well he wasn't rocking the Souljacker look -

eels play Electric Picnic later this year.

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