Thursday, June 24, 2010

Logikparty - Good Hood / Iodine

Dublin-based band Logikparty only played their first gig in January of this year, but they're building up quite a head of steam already. I saw them play support to Cap Pas Cap a couple of weeks back in Roisin Dubh and was pretty much blown away by their set.

The four-piece take their cue from the late 70's/early 80's No Wave scene (Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, DNA, James Chance & The Contortions), putting copious amounts of blood in the music: the guitars are caustic and abrasive, the rhythms pummelling and insistent; while frontwoman Benni's vocals match the music for white-hot intensity, with a shriek that recalls vintage Siouxie and the Banshees.

Their debut 7", 'Good Hood/Iodine' is available for streaming on now. It can also be purchased from the same site for a mere 2 quid.

True to their influences, they've also shown a desire to incorporate performance art into their M.O. - they'll be collaborating with New York-based stop motion animator and artist Martha Colburn at next month's Trans Festival in Belfast. Logikparty will be playing a set accompanied by two live 16mm film projections from the filmmaker, with some of the set consisting of once-off improvisation. It all goes down on July 22nd.

Also, you can download this mix they did for Skinny Wolves:

LOGIKPARTY - Sex is full of voodoo mix // January 2010  by SkinnyWolves


intro: LINK WRAY 'the shadow knows'
MARS '3e'
ROSA VERTOV 'rosa yemen'
DNA 'lionel'
UT 'sham shack'
WIRE 'i should have know better'
THE POP GROUP 'we are all prostitutes'
BAUHAUS 'of lillies and remains'
CHARLES DE GOAL 'exposition'
TUXEDOMOON 'no tears'
CHROME 'electric chair'
outro: SUN RA 'i'll wait for you' (edit)

Logikparty play with Children Under Hoof and Fringilla Montifringilla upstairs in Whelan's on July 2nd. They then play a show with the excellent Jogging in Castlebar on 17th July.

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