Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top 10 Albums of 2008: 1. FLYING LOTUS - Los Angeles

You know you’re dealing with a great record when it’s still revealing new layers and textures months after you’ve first heard it : Los Angeles, the second LP from Californian Flying Lotus (aka Steven Ellison), is the gift that keeps giving. Ellison is generally regarded as a hip-hop producer, but such genre pigeonholing does a great disservice to his music: an utterly addictive blend of liquid, ambient grooves, smoky hip-hop beats, off-kilter percussion, skittering electronica and crackling background static. It’s an album you can lose yourself in, with each track – be it the woozy, disorientating ‘GNG BNG’, ‘Golden Diva’’s subaquatic ambience or ‘RobertaFlack’’s hazy trip-hop – bleeding seamlessly into the next, until the gorgeous, hypnotic ‘Auntie’s lock/Infinitum’ provides the perfect curtain-closer. A grower, and how.

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