Friday, June 3, 2011

Avalanche Ammo

For a while there I felt that instrumental guitar music was reaching serious saturation point here. While that might still be the case to an extent, Avalanche Ammo - the solo project of Kildare's Ant Boland - has that extra something about it. Nialler9 said it sounds like 'The Redneck Manifesto on crack', which is a pretty useful description. The material Boland's released so far tends towards the heavier end of the spectrum: there's shades of BATS or the more frenetic Adebisi Shank songs. The debut EP Animals was well-received and there's now two new tracks on Soundcloud, 'Trojan Horse' and 'Ambulance Chaser'. The former could be the heaviest thing he's done yet, but still retains that knack for winding, intricate riffs and deceptive left-turns.

Trojan Horse by avalanchemgmt

Ambulance Chaser by avalanchemgmt

These tunes and the Animals EP are free to download..

Avalanche Ammo plays in Whelan's tonight (June 3rd) along with the excellent We Are Losers and Alarmist. Alarmist are a band I keep meaning to listen to but haven't really got around to it yet. But they're popular elsewhere, so all in all a great line-up.

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