Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Depravations - Mosey EP

One a few bands based in Galway at the moment who deal in a sort of indie-folkish sound (see also Music For Dead Birds or The Followers of Otis), The Depravations have so far released two EPs since they formed in 2007. Mosey is the current one (named after their drummer Mosey Byrne), and it's five tracks of mellow gold: with a charming lightness-of-touch, vintage-sounding harmonies and a subtly uplifting vibe, this is really enjoyable stuff. Despite the fact four of the five tracks go over the 5-minute mark, it never seems to drag, and indeed there's some surprising left-turns and flourishes such as the change in tempo at the end of 'Not Forgotten'. The standout track is probably the catchy campfire strum of 'Summer Rain'.

The Mosey EP is free to download from the Bandcamp link above, and a debut album is due in September 2011.

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