Friday, August 27, 2010

Enemies, Roisin Dubh

I went along to the Roisin Dubh in Galway last night to check out Enemies, who were playing support to North Atlantic Oscillation. Considering they seemed to have left half their equipment behind and had to borrow some from fellow support band Moon, it was an extremely impressive set. As good as their album - We've Been Talking - is (and it's very good), they truly come into their own live. The interplay between the musicians is wonderful as they lock into post-rock grooves, switching tempo and keeping you guessing in much the same way as labelmates The Redneck Manifesto, except Enemies' instrumentals are more emotive and cinematic (as much as I'm overusing this comparison lately, think Mogwai) than the Rednecks' more physical, danceable fare. 'Nag Champa' is one of their older tunes, so I kind of feel bad about singling it out, but it still sounds utterly amazing.

As for the headliners, what they were doing seemed pretty cool but to be honest I was too completely knackered and frazzled to take it in properly, which is why this is more of an informal post than a formal review.

So yeah. Enemies. Great band.

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