Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video: High Places - The Longest Shadows

High Places VS Mankind, the second album proper from the LA-based duo, marks a shift in sound from their previous work. Rob Barber and Mary Pearson made their name with a striking, unique sound that combined treated samples, aquatic beats, hypnotic child-like vocals and the use of household instruments for percussion. On their latest release, Pearson's vocals, which previously tended to blend in with the ambience of the music, have now been pushed up in the mix, while much of their new material is more direct and forceful. It may be a different approach, but High Places are still capable of magic, as on the album's opening track, 'The Longest Shadows'. Here's the self-directed clip for the track:

Stream the album below:

High Places - High Places vs. MankindbySpeaker Snacks

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