Monday, December 28, 2009

Albums Of The Decade : 1 - Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People (2002)

In a decade when so much great music emerged from Canada, this 2002 album from the Toronto-based collective was the point where all that untrammelled creativity reached its glorious peak. Rousing, swelling, superb indie anthems like ‘KC Accidental’, ‘Stars and Sons’ and ‘Cause = Time’ are hook-laden and danceable, the tunes never suffering despite the arsenal of instruments thrown into the mix. It was a sound that cleared the way for Arcade Fire and influenced much of what was to follow, but it’s the more subdued moments that really seal YFIIP’s classic status. ‘I’m Still Your Fag’ is desolate, hypnotic minimalism; the majestic ‘Shampoo Suicide’’s trance-inducing ambience gives way to a haunting, multi-layered climax; while on ‘Anthems for a Seventeen-Year Old Girl’, a sublime banjo-and-strings backdrop frames a gorgeously-sung (by Metric’s Emily Haines) lament for lost youth: "Park that car / Drop that phone / Sleep on the floor / Dream about me...". There’s also time for detours into garage squall (‘Almost Crimes’), bleary dream-pop (‘Looks Just Like The Sun’) and a sun-kissed instrumental jam (‘Pacific Theme’), yet at no point does the album lose its irresistible flow. Eclectic, adventurous and exhilarating, it’s a record to lose yourself in.

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