Thursday, December 31, 2009

Albums of the Year, 2009 : 17 - Martyn - Great Lengths

"'s two tracks that leap out on first listen: "Right?!Star" and "These Words." This duo, both appearing in the album's first half, are the ones receiving repeat canings from dubstep DJs, and rightly so: They're both not only catchy, but also warm and uplifting as well. "Right!?"Star" is anchored by an enormous bassline that feels like it was made out of 800-fill goose down. "These Words" steps harder, and is combined with D-Bridge's extraordinary vocal, which tells a rueful story of love and loss in the album's most delicate moment.

...But Great Lengths provides more than that: It's a complex, organic and compelling alternate world. It has preserved the sheer joy taken by the most reduced dubstep, and combined it with the ephemeral pleasure of house. In a climate dominated by competent singles that are rightly forgotten soon after their release, Great Lengths is an album that expands in stature with every listen."

- Colin Shields,

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