Monday, May 9, 2011

Hired Hands - 'The Quay Wall', album stream

Wrote about Hired Hands' single 'The Quay Wall' for last week's State office playlist (we don't really have an office, it's a metaphorical concept)

Sublime off-kilter folk-pop with boy-girl harmonies that keep wrongfooting you, this is both deceptively complex and supremely catchy. A seven-piece that includes former members of the sadly short-lived Feed The Bears, Hired Hands have a deft handle on subtle melancholy, and their varied instrumentation is perfectly judged. There’s slight shades of the Afro-tinged prog-pop of Dirty Projectors, but ultimately this has an identity all of its own, and is a welcome addition to the vibrant pop(icalia) scene.

The Quay Wall by Hired Hands

The album it's taken from, My Heart Hung, is streaming over at Ragged Words, and it's pretty impressive; other standout tracks include 'Marie Antoinette' and the title track.

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