Friday, April 15, 2011

Hipster Youth - Where (n) Meets Infinity

Chose this for State's office playlist, it's insanely good:

Hipster Youth - Where (n) Meets Infinity by LongLost

"Throwing something of a curveball after last year’s chiptune-tinged album Teenage Elders, this new track is still electronically-based but has a completely different vibe. The first minute or so sounds like it’s being transmitted from some unholy vortex or echo chamber, infused with squall and fuzz – this gives way to a trippy, lo-fi electronic groove with muffled, displaced-sounding vocals. Delirious, inventive and infectious."

The track should 'end up on an EP or a split or an Album or something', according to the Soundcloud blurb.

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