Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tune! : Super Furry Animals - Run! Christian, Run!

Inspired by one of my favourite blogs around,, i've decided to post up a tune a day that is just a stone-cold classic, regardless of whether it's new/old/'relevant' or whatever. So this is the first. I see this lasting a day or two before i apathetically abandon the concept.

The Super Furry Animals' lyrics were always devastatingly clever ("Marie Curie was Polish born but French bred"? You have to give it up for Wildean wordplay like that!), but 'Run! Christian, Run!' saw them get serious with it. The standout track on their occasionally underwhelming 'take a shot at the mainstream' album Rings Around The World, it's inspired by doomsday cult websites:

Roaming from all tribulation
Leaving behind all damnation

With women and children in line
The men will then gather behind
With knives to their throats they'll depart
On the midnight train to Jordan"

poetic stuff, and it's done justice by an atmospheric, pedal steel-and-harmonica alt-country arrangement that builds to an epic climax: it calls to mind Young's 'Cortez The Killer'. Show me magic!, indeed.

There's supposedly a killer John Peel version of this. I'm investigating.

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