Saturday, November 13, 2010

Magnetic Island - Out At Sea

Brooklyn-based Magnetic Island have been creating consistently brilliant music since they first emerged under the name RENMINBI. It's never predictable either, with their sound evolving from release to release.

The Out At Sea EP is available to stream and download on their Bandcamp page (along with their previous material). 'End In Bender' reels you in with five minutes of gorgeous guitar textures, and that's followed by the dramatic, windswept vibes of 'Sung (Not Said)', which features an absolutely killer mid-section with some furious riffing. 'Summer Phase' is a drowsy-eyed, Breeders-esque tune that showcases the more mellow, tuneful side of the band, and 'Let It Lie' starts off in a similar vein before encompassing some more dazzling musicianship.

Lisa Liu's guitarwork is definitely one of my favourite things about this band, it's tinged with that classic 90's alt-rock sound, but pretty unique as well: by turns melodic and menacing, you can lose yourself in the textures and tones.

Out At Sea is available to download for a mere buck, or you can pay more if you so desire - the EP is also available on limited-edition cassette, with a bonus extra version of 'Summer Phase'. There's some pretty nifty artwork with the cassettes as well, full details on the Bandcamp page.

Check out a couple of previous Magnetic Island tracks too:

"Subterfuge" by Magnetic Island from lisa liu on Vimeo.

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