Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ragged Words presents : Brainlove Records Tour - Napoleon IIIrd, Mat Riviere, Stairs to Korea, Pagan Wanderer Lu,

Founded in 2003, London-based Brainlove Records prides itself on its stated aim of being an “umbrella organisation and community for the creators and listeners of genre-bending, left-of-centre music”. In many ways you can draw parallels between the Brainlove label/collective and our own Popical Island. The musicians can differ wildly but tend to share a wide-eyed, inventive approach to making music.

Four of Brainlove's choicest acts will be winding their way towards Dublin's Twisted Pepper on October 2nd. Stairs to Korea deal in catchy, chiming pop hooks and clever lyrics; Mat Riviere's sparse, electronically-infused soundscapes are reminsicent of Why?; Napoleon IIIrd makes skewed, layered psych-pop (and is by all accounts a fantastic live performer), while Pagan Wanderer Lu deals in quirky indietronica with 8-bit influences. All of this for the bargain price of a tenner (plus advance booking fee).

Brainlove Tour Mixtape by brainlove

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