Thursday, July 18, 2013

Recommended - ZoiD - Lyphyz Drumpdrops

Released on the increasingly prolific Boy Scout Audio label, Lyphyz Drumpdrops is the latest release from Dublin-based musician and producer Daniel Jacobson. Jacobson is founder of Diatribe Records and the curator of its Tronix Series, which aims "to encourage electronic music makers and composers to collaborate in unusual ways".
That collaborative approach between contrasting influences is reflected in his pedigree-not just a producer but a jazz musician and a member of numerous groups. It's also reflected in works like 2007's ZoiD Versus The Jazz Musicians Of Ireland.

As such it's not surprising that his latest EP doesn't really stick to any one style or approach. Opener 'jazzfishegg3' alternates between airy melodies, abrasive, jittery sound FX and subtly shifting rhythms in that early-90s IDM vein. 'East Berlin 1966' retains a certain percussive harshness but is less busy tempo-wise, slowly unfurling from an atmospheric guitar-picked intro into expansive mood music. The brass-infused 'Richman's Folly' has the air of a noble, somewhat mournful marching band. 'Rye' then takes another sharp left-turn; giddy 8-bit-tinged electronics complete with malfunctioning breakdown. Remixes are provided by Eomac and Blipper.

Also recommended is this live set recorded at the Workmans Club - ZoiD joined by Bill Blackmore on trumpet and Chris Engel on alto sax.

A track from the Lyphyz Drumpdrops EP as well as a couple of Boy Scout Audio labelmates feature on the first Electric Whipcrack podcast which is streaming on Mixcloud, incidentally.

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