Saturday, December 4, 2010

tunes of 2010 #3

01 - the longest shadows by Speaker Snacks

High Places - 'The Longest Shadows'

Holy Roman Army - 'Speed To My Side'

Logikparty - 'Japanese Flag'

Peverelist - 'Better Ways Of Living'

Hannibal by Caribouband

Caribou - 'Hannibal'

The Tallest Man On Earth - 'You're Going Back'

Shutterbug by Big Boi and Cutty by coolhunting

Big Boi - 'Shutterbugg'

Lewis Takes Action by DominoRecordCo

Owen Pallett - 'Lewis Takes Action'

Eluvium - 'The Motion Makes Me Last' (Four Tet remix)

Sleigh Bells - 'Rill Rill'

Odessa (Nite Jewel Remix) by Caribouband

Caribou - 'Odessa' (Nite Jewel remix)

LCD Soundsystem - 'All I Want'

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